Functional Strength/Pre-hab

Perform the group of exercises as a set. The amount of sets and repetitions of each exercise should be determined by what phase of training you're in, and what your objective is for the workout, i.e. mobility, stability, max strength, strength endurance, hypertrophy, or power. Correct form and posture is necessary.

Online Training Plans

Warmup: 10-15 minute easy run or bike warmup, dynamic stretching

Main Set 1: 

  • Monster Walks- Place a loop resistance band around both ankles. Slightly bend your knees and move laterally to one side for the recommended amount of reps, then lead with the other leg and move laterally back to your starting point. Take wide steps to maximize the resistance, and make sure to only step back to hip width distance between your feet, never closer together.

  • Back Lunges with Twist- Start from a standing position. Step your right leg back into a lunge and then twist your upper body towards the right side, ensuring that your right knee stays steady while you twist. Alternate legs and add weight as you feel comfortable. Focus on stability around your knees and hips.

  • Side Lunges- Start standing up with both legs together, then take a wide lateral step with one leg, while bending your knee, and focusing on sitting your hips back so that you engage your glutes and don't stress your knees.

  • Pushups- Start in a plank position on your hands and feet, engage your core, then bend your elbows and lower yourself to at least a 90 degree bend in your elbows. Hand position wide for more emphasis on chest/pecs; hand position narrow for more emphasis on triceps.

  • Scap Pushups- Start in the same position as regular pushups, but instead of bending your elbows, allow your chest to sink towards the ground (but not your lower back) and allow your shoulder blades to come together, then forcefully press through your hands and round your upper back. Improves scapular stability and shoulder function!

  • Snow Devils- Lay prone on the ground with either very light dumbbells or no weight at all. (You don't want to add weight if it restricts your range of motion.) Lift your upper body off the ground, while facing down so that your neck stays in line with your spine. Then squeeze your shoulder blades together, reach your hands out straight in front of you, and then lead with your elbows and squeeze your shoulder blades down your back, all the while keeping your arms lifted as high off the ground as you can to work on range of motion. Another great one for scapular stability and shoulder function!

  • Plank- Set yourself up either in a pushup position or on your forearms. Make sure that your elbows are aligned directly under your shoulders. Activate your core by tucking your tailbone under, elongating your spine, and taking the pressure off your lower back. Hold for as long as you can without compromising form.

  • Bird Dogs- Starting on your hands and knees, extend your right and and left leg straight out in opposite directions. You should focus on engaging your core to stay stable, and your left glute to ensure maximum extension. Bring your right elbow and left knee towards each other to touch if you can, then extend them back out. After the given number of reps on that side, switch to your left arm and right leg. The slower, the better. 

Main Set 2: Rotator Cuff Pre-hab:

  • Internal Rotation 

  • External Rotation

Cooldown: 5-10 minute easy run or bike

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