No Equipment Workout- Stability Focus

Perform the group of exercises as a set. The amount of sets and repetitions of each exercise should be determined by what phase of training you're in, and what your objective is for the workout, i.e. mobility, stability, max strength, strength endurance, hypertrophy, or power. Correct form and posture is necessary.

Training Plans with No-Equipment Strength Workouts

1. Squats:

2. Standing Straight Leg Extension:

3. Back Lunge with Twist:

4. Pushups:

5. Snow Devils:

6. Seated Leg Raise + Abduction:

7. Lateral Leg Raises:

8. Single Leg Hip Raises:

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  1. Thank you for giving me an idea for my everyday work outs with my pro bar I'm currently looking for some exercises that I can combine with my Pro bar. Thank you by the way.


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