Coach Bio

Chances are that you are comfortable with the ways and the ideals of the ascent. You understand the value of goal achievement, striving forward and upward, breaking through, and overcoming. But the world has so much more to offer than a single direction. There are not just heights to explore, but depths. This type of coaching is for you if you have a feeling there must be more to life than the narrow band of socially approved goals and desires we've been given to choose from. 

A journey through the depths reveals us to ourselves. It is a path down into the center or the core. You'll find that the heights that you are able to ascend to will be directly proportional to the depths you are willing to descend into. On this journey, I'll assist you in following the path that is meant only for you. I'll help you discover tools for returning to your center so that you can branch more courageously outward. You'll learn how to listen to and trust your gut / intuition, how to become accountable to yourself, your talents and gifts, and what they want to do in the world, as well as to become accountable to the wider environment of which you are an integral part.

When we zoom out on the journey of enduring, we get to witness ourselves go through conditions that we would have not have chosen with our day-world conscious minds. Embracing challenge teaches us about what is most unique and alive in us - what is most enduring in us. We get to learn more about who we are, through and with the world.

Humans who work well with me are motivated to get the most out of this exquisite life and are willing to sacrifice everything that is not us so that we can emerge with what is. Whether you are pursuing world championships, challenging distances, personal or career growth, creative pursuits, or all of the above, I can help you navigate and create the life of your dreams.

New Bio, who dis?

As I've witnessed myself shift and change, I've been experimenting with some new coaching strategies. Most of my athletes know that ...